Enquiry creation date: 2018-12-06

Axtone S.A.


37-220 Kańczuga

Tax Identification Number: 5252420862


Contact person:

Martyna Sabat


e-mail: martyna.sabat@axtoneglobal.com

Enquiry No. Z299/75258

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Enquiry title

Enquiry contents:

Good Morning,

AXTONE S.A. in Kańczuga would like to receive offer for material accordance to attachment.

Part must be done based on the drawings

Destination: Production division in Kańczuga


· Net price per unit,

· Leadtime,

· The validity of the offer: min. 60 days,

· A sentence that the offer price includes all costs listed in the RFQ requirements

· A sentence that the materials included in the offer meet all the technical requirements included in the request for quotation. If not, Bidder will present information which requirements do not meet.

· Axtone requires to send samples (for FAI approval) before serial production Samples should be an amount of min. 3% of serial deliveries

· The supplier is authorized to perform a serial order only after approval of the FAI report

· After a period of 12 months from the implementation of the new component, Axtone reserves the right to reduce the purchase price by a minimum of 3% due to optimization of the production process with the Supplier

· Price must be valid for min. 12 months from presented offer,

· Please quote raw material, machining, transport, Tooling cost separately.


· DDU Kanczuga.


Bank transfer within 90 days from the date when Customer will receive a correctly issued invoice. The payment will be made in PLN according to the average NBP exchange rate on the day of invoice issue.


Accordance to the drawing 

600 pcs monthly 

The way of submitting the offer:

1. The offer must be submitted in electronic form.

2. The offer should be written legibly.


1. We reserve the right to freely choose offers or withdraw from the choice of the bidder without giving a reason;

2. The Tenderer bears the costs of preparing and submitting the offer;

3. In order to select the Supplier, an electronic auction may be conducted;


Item Product name Quantity Unit Attachment/Link Notes
1. Prowadnik R3 600 pcs confidentialPROWADNIK-KX-R3-1-3-1-0-1-A.pdf

Pytania do postępowania w ramach zapytania ofertowego "2000609_Prowadnik R3"

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