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Terms of use of the Platform purchasing of 9.10.2018

1. Definitions:

Definitions used in the Terms of Use mean as follows:

Terms of Use - the present Purchasing Platform terms of use.

Purchasing Platform - closed Internet service run by the Operator, by means of which auctions are organised, enquiries sent, competitive offers placed and other trade-related services provided.

Purchasing proceedings - Enquiry, Auction and announcement published on the Purchasing Platform.

Administrator Systemu – Logintrade S.A., z siedzibą we Wrocławiu, 54-203 Wrocław, ul. Legnicka 57D, lokal B/J, wpisaną do Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego, prowadzonego przez Sąd Rejonowy dla Wrocławia-Fabrycznej VI Wydział Gospodarczy KRS, pod numerem 0000438056, NIP 8942953589, REGON 020811830.

Platform Operator – LT Serwis sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw, 00-644 Warsaw, ul. Polna 48/11, entered in the National Court Register maintained by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under the number 0000311815, Tax Identification Number (NIP) 8992656072, REGON 020811361 - entity responsible for issues related to the processing of personal data, in particular: receiving and handling applications, communication with the Supplier and the Buyer, managing the Supplier's database, etc..

Auction - a proceeding in which Suppliers place consecutively more favourable bids (increments) that are automatically classified based on price or other parameters defined by the Buyer in the Purchasing Platform.

Enquiry - an enquiry directed at the Supplier about terms, information or proposals related to the requirements and conditions included in the enquiry.

User - an entity that has accepted the present Terms of Use and has registered at the Buyer's supplier database, for whom an account has been created and thus the access to the services provided by the Purchasing Platform was granted.

Buyer - the Purchasing Platform User who sends enquiries, collects competitive offers and organizes electronic auctions.

Auction participant - a User in the role of a Supplier or Auction Observer.

Supplier - a User whom an enquiry is directed at, who places competitive offers and takes part in Auctions as goods or services seller.

Observer - a Purchasing Platform User who does not take an active part in an Auction.

Account - an account that is run for the User under a unique name (login), secured with a password. It is a resource collection, in which data and information about the User's activities within the Purchasing Platform are stored.

Competitive offer - the Supplier's statement of will made within the date set by the Buyer about receiving offers in response to an Enquiry within the Purchasing Platform.

Bid - the Supplier's statement of will in the course of an Auction within the Purchasing Platform. If the Supplier is able to consequtively place multiple bids in the course of an Auction, their former offer shall no longer be valid and is replaced by a better bid.

Offer - Competitive offer or bid.

2. Purchasing Platform Terms of Use :

  1. Participation in Auctions or placing Offers in response to Enquiries by means of the Purchasing Platform is only possible for registered Users.
  2. The User is either a legal person or a business unit without legal personality that accepts the Terms of Use and has registered in the Purchasing Platform.
  3. Registration and participation in the proceedings within the Purchasing Platform are free of charge.
  4. The subject of an enquiry, a commercial offer, as well as an auction may not be products or services contrary to law.
  5. Any actions impeding the operation of the Purchasing Platform or impacting its stabile behavior are forbidden.

3. Auctions and Bids:

  1. E-auctions run within the Purchasing Platform are not auctions as understood by the civil code.
  2. The Supplier is bound with the last Competitive offer placed in the course of an electronic auction regardless of the fact that the offer has been outbid by another Supplier.
  3. The Supplier is bound by the content of the Offer it has placed during an Auction within the deadline and on the conditions indicated in a given Auction.
  4. The type of an Auction, as well as the rules of its proceedings by means of the Purchasing Platform, are defined by the Buyer, in particular:
    1. the subject of the Auction and requirements referring to completion conditions,
    2. offer evaluation criteria,
    3. opening date as well as date and conditions of closing the Auction,
    4. minimum increment values,
    5. offer validity period and conditions,
    6. conditions of participation in the Auction.
  5. The information mentioned above shall be available for Suppliers in an invitation to the e-auction.
  6. Instructions for participation in the electronic Auction shall be available in the invitation.
  7. The price of the Supplier's offer or the unit price of the Supplier's offer, as well as the best offer price or the best offer unit price, are presented in the course of an Auction.
  8. The Buyer and the Operator reserve the right to keep undisclosed the number of Suppliers, the names of Suppliers and all participants of an Auction, as well as the offers values or the scorings of the offers.
  9. The Buyer has the right to change the conditions of or to cancel the Auction before its commencement, as well as to invalidate or to withdraw from the Auction, fully or partially, also after its completion, and to finish the Auction without selection.
  10. The Buyer reserves the right to make the final choice of the Supplier. Ending of the auction does not mean adjudication to any bidders.
  11. The Auctions are conducted in net or gross prices – the Buyer specifies the Offer submission principles and conditions.
  12. The Buyer reserves the right to not respond to the submitted offers. The lack of a response within the offer validity period means that the offer was not accepted for completion.

4. Enquiries and Commercial Offers:

  1. The Supplier is bound by the content of the Competitive offer they have placed in terms of the validity period and the conditions included in the Enquiry.
  2. The Buyer reserves the right to change, at any time, the conditions of, cancel, withdraw or invalidate, fully or partially, an Enquiry made by means of the Purchasing Platform.
  3. The Buyer decides about the possibility to change the commercial offers submitted by the Suppliers before the offer submission deadline.
  4. The Offers submitted after the offer submission deadline may not be taken into consideration in the offer selection.
  5. The Commercial offers are submitted in net or gross prices – the Buyer specifies the Offer submission principles and conditions.
  6. The Buyer reserves the right to not respond to the submitted offers. The lack of a response within the offer validity period means that the offer was not accepted for completion.
  7. The Purchaser reserves a right to finally select a Supplier

5. Confirmation of bid selection results, basis for realization:

  1. Offer selection results are approved by the Buyer.
  2. The Buyer reserves the right to revoke, in whole or in part, the conducted proceeding if:
    1. the price of the most favourable Offer is higher than the amount that the Contracting Party spent to finance the order,
    2. Submission of the bid is not in the best interest of the Purchaser,
    3. Proceedings are faulty and as a result it is impossible to conclude the final agreement.
  3. The Suppliers will be informed by email about the results of the offer selection.
  4. The basis for completion of an accepted Offer is either a contract signed by the Buyer or a written order sent to the Supplier within the offer validity period.
  5. The Supplier does not have the right to call into question offer selection results unless it has been otherwise specified in the Purchasing proccedings documentation.

6. Obligations and Responsibilities of the Operator:

  1. The Operator provides incessant acces to the Purchasing Platform, except for the technical breaks, necessary for the Platform's operation.
  2. The Operator is obliged to inform all the Users about any additional paid services that have been introduced into the Purchasing Platform, as well as not to charge any fees unless a service has been ordered by the User.
  3. Subject to the provisons of the limitations resulting from the generally applicable law, the Operator does not bear responsibility for the damages occuring in relation with the Purchasing Platform, its usage, inability to use it by any of the Users, its defective functioning, faults, deficiencies, interferences, defects, delays in operation and transfer, computer viruses, system or line failures.
  4. The Operator is not responsible for the behaviour of Users within the framework of the website or the improper performance or failure to perform the agreements concluded by them as a result of the auction or the submitted commercial offers, as well as for the consequences of actions undertaken by the Users and third parties, which constitute a breach of the provisions hereof.
  5. In particular, the Operator is not responsible for:
    1. quality, security, or legality of the goods or services provided by the Suppliers,
    2. authenticity and truthfulness of the information provided by the Users,
    3. not concluding a contract by the Users,
    4. hindrances to or the inability to take part in the Auction or submit the Offer for reasons beyond the control of the Operator,
    5. damages resulting from the lack of execution or inadequate execution of contracts concluded by means of the Purchasing Platform, as well as damages resulting from other Users' activities or negligence.
  6. The Operator is not responsible for disclosing the account name and the password to the Purchasing Platform to third parties by the Supplier.
  7. The Operator is not a party to contracts concluded between the Buyers and the Suppliers. The Operator in particular does not bear responsibility for any claims of the Users' who have concluded a contract as a result of an Auction or on the basis of Enquiries and submitted Competitive offers by means of the Purchasing Platform.
  8. The Operator is not a competent institution for settling conflicts between the Buyer and the Supplier.
  9. The disputes between the Suppliers and the Operator shall be settled by the courts competent for the city of Wrocław.

7. Personal Data Protection:

  1. The Controller of the Users' personal data is Logintrade S.A. with its registered office in Wrocław (System Administrator), e-mail address:, which entrusts the processing of data to LT Serwis sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw (Platform Operator).
  2. Users' data are processed on the basis of their consent, given during registration for the sole purpose of ensuring the fulfillment of the tasks of the Procurement Platform.
  3. The Controller does not envisage sharing the processed data with third parties, except as provided by law.
  4. Personal data is processed for the period necessary to perform the service, unless otherwise provided by law.
  5. Personal data is provided by the User voluntarily, however, its provision is a necessary condition for using the Procurement Platform.
  6. The User has the right to access the content of their personal data and to correct, delete or limit the processing of their personal data.
  7. The User has the right to object to the processing as well as to transfer the data.
  8. The User has the right to revoke their consent to data processing at any time. The exercise of the right of revoking consent shall not affect the processing carried out on the basis of the consent prior to the revoking.
  9. In matters related to data protection, you should contact the Logintrade S.A. Data Protection Inspector via e-mail:
  10. The User has the right to complain to the supervisory authority.
  11. The Controller does not allow the use of the services indicated in these Regulations anonymously or with the use of a pseudonym.
  12. The Controller shall ensure the protection of personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (consolidated text: Journal of Laws from 2016, item 922), and after 25 May 2018 in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (Official Journal of the EU L 119 of 4 May 2016) and national legislation.
  13. When implementing the provisions of these Rules, the Administrator uses technical measures (inter alia, encryption of Internet connections) to prevent the collection and modification of Users’ personal data by unauthorized persons.
  14. Logintrade S.A. with its registered office in Wrocław, performs the function of the System Administrator of the Platform and performs tasks related to ensuring the proper functioning of the Procurement Platform.
  15. LT Service with its registered office in Warsaw performs the functions of the Platform Operator and performs tasks related to the processing of personal data as part of the operation of the Procurement Platform.

8. Enterprise Secret:

  1. The Buyer reserves that any technical, technological, organizational information of the Buyer's enterprise or any other information of economic value to the Buyer which, as a whole or in a particular combination and collection of its elements, is not generally known to persons normally dealing with this type of information or is not easily accessible to such persons, but made available to the User in connection with the use of the Procurement Platform, is a legally protected trade secret of the Buyer, unless the User and the Buyer agree otherwise in writing under pain of nullity.

9. Final Provisions:

  1. The Terms of Use become binding for the User upon registering in the Buyer's Supplier database and creating an Account wihtin the Purchasing Platform.
  2. The Operator may suspend an Account for a determined or indetermined period of time in case the User's activities are in breach with the Terms of Use, have negative impact on the Purchasing Platform image or are in any way harmful to the Operator or the Buyer.
  3. In all matters not settled by these Terms of Use, the proper provisions of the Civil Code as well as provisions of acts of law, and executive regulations issued on their basis shall apply.